The One Page SaaS Blueprint

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Interested in building a SaaS startup?

Forget about the traditional way of building a SaaS with user login, multiple pages and many features right from the start.

Try making $1,000 with a micro SaaS that has only one feature first. It is less painful to fail with a small product, and you can always make your product bigger later.

In my blueprint, I'll give you a Carrd template to launch an MVP in one day, and a backend boilerplate to automate the sales fulfillment after idea validation. You'll learn how to validate a micro AI SaaS idea, fulfill sales manually, and build the backend afterwards to automate it.

I will share with you the exact same steps I took to go from $0 to $11.8k revenue in 10 months, with my micro AI SaaS

After you buy my blueprint, you'll get to join my private community of SaaS founders, ready to help you get your first sale, and see their results to inspire you.

Total revenue in USD for from 2 April 2023 till 3 Feb 2024

Who is this for?

The blueprint is for entrepreneurs interested in building SaaS startups and have some coding knowledge (or is willing to learn basic JavaScript).

Who is this not for?

It's not for anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme. The chance of you failing your first MVP is very high, but the beauty of one page SaaS is that you can make and launch many, over and over again, fast and easily.

What's covered in the Blueprint?

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • What's a one page SaaS
  • Why make a one page SaaS
  • What's the one page SaaS tech stack and monthly cost

Chapter 2: How To Build Your MVP In One Day

  • Steal my Carrd template and build your landing page
  • How is the Carrd form used for validation

Chapter 3: How To Validate Your SaaS Idea

  • Where to market your landing page
  • How to fulfill your sales manually

Chapter 4: How To Gather Testimonials For Social Proof

  • Why social proof is important for conversions
  • Which is the best tool to collect testimonials

Chapter 5: How To Build An Automated Backend To Fulfill Sales

  • Steal my node.js boilerplate and build your backend service
  • How to host your backend service on Render
  • How to switch from Carrd form to Tally form

Chapter 6: How To Setup A Blog For Organic Content Marketing

  • How to launch a blog with no-code and make it work with Carrd

Chapter 7: How To Setup Meta Pixel For Paid Marketing

  • How to add the pixel and code snippet for tracking conversion to Carrd

Chapter 8: How To Setup Analytics For Marketing Feedback

  • How to track where your web traffic is coming from
  • Which is the best tool to track your marketing performance

Chapter 9: Conclusion

  • A recap of everything you need to do to build a one page SaaS
  • A motivational speech from Yours Truly

About Me

My name is Yifan Goh and I'm a full-time SaaS founder. I've built a SaaS for 6 months and made $0, and launched a one page SaaS in one day and made $10k. Learn from me so that you don't make the same mistakes.

Money-Back Guarantee

Because I am so confident of my process, I'll give you a money-back guarantee.

Either you make back your money from getting 12 sales. (assuming you're selling at $9 per unit)


You prove that you've put in the work and got no sale, and I'll give you a full refund.

Either way, you have nothing to lose.


Any other questions?

Feel free to DM me at or email

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You'll learn everything needed to build a one page SaaS like

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The One Page SaaS Blueprint

3 ratings
I want this!